Disinfection & Cleaning

Facility Disinfection, Cleaning and Air Purification Services

We have entered a new normal for facility maintenance that includes reducing the risk of bacteria and virus transmission inside enclosed spaces. CSNA provides a number of services that can help reduce this risk from engineered devices that are installed in HVAC systems to daily disinfection of high touch surfaces and high traffic common areas. Ours solutions directly reduce the risk of Coronavairus, Influenza, Sars and E-Coli transmission in treated spaces.

  • Flexible scheduling including after-hours and weekends to minimize disruption.
  • Quick servicing while occupants are out under working from home  or “Shelter in Place” mandates.
  • 24 Hour customer support.

Our Team. Your Solution.

Solutions for the Safety of Your Employees and Customers

  • Air Purification Systems including Food Grade Friendly Systems
  • Air Quality and Surfaces Testing
  • HVAC HEPA Filters
  • HVAC Germicidal  UV Lights
  • Disinfection of High Touch and High Traffic Areas

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