Customized Industry Solutions

We understand  that every industry is unique with a specific set of needs that require customized solutions.  Our technicians and support teams are designed to be able to provide responsive and efficient service for any problem that may arise. Our ability to self-perform with licensed technicians gives us the flexibility to provide the services you need, when you need them.
Our Team. Your Solution.

CSNA Case Studies

Case Study Restaurant

A legendary restaurant chain decided to close it's Houston location and had a very unique problem - they needed to remove a 1959 Cadillac from the restaurant that was physically mounted in the middle of the bar area. What made the situation even more challenging was that it needed to be removed from the building without any major construction to the building itself and it had to be completed in one day.

Case Study Endeavor Condominiums

For managed properties uncomfortable conditions in tenant common areas is unacceptable. CSNA received a call that the HVAC system for the hallways and lobby areas for this 30 story high-rise was out of service. Recognizing the need we dispatched a technician to the location that same day.

Case Study Fire Valve Assembly Quick Install

Customer's water line suppression system did not pass city code inspection. The city was mandating that the entire pipe system be excavated and replaced and that all of this take place within a 24 hour time period.

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