Restaurant Cooling System Failure

Restaurant Cooling System Failure

A restaurant customer called due to temperature problems with their HVAC system. The system was not cooling the location down regardless of the temperature on the thermostat. The situation was beginning to affect business as customers were walking out due to the heat inside being uncomfortable for dining in.

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CSNA Solution

Understanding the urgency of the situation and the overall maintenance needs of the customer, our team developed a unique solution that met their needs and was cost effective. With the goal of not causing any further disruptions in their operations our team:

  • Conducted a detailed inspection of the system and diagnosed that the unit tripped on high head pressure
  • Found bad caps and two locked up condenser fan motors
  • Identified that both the condenser fans were locking up
  • Performed a leak search on the unit and identified the source of the refrigerant leak
  • Replaced both condenser fan motors
  • Installed new capacitors and two 10mfds for the other functional motors to avoid future failures
  • Resolved the refrigerant leakage and replaced with new refrigerant

The Results

  • Performed required services without disrupting the customer’s daily operations
  • Addressed the facility temperature issue preventing further loss of customers
  • Prevented further system failure and costs by addressing working motors
  • Improved the efficiency of their HVAC system by installing a new unit
  • Reduced their maintenance budget by removing the old system components
  • Served as a single source solution by self-performing all services

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