Houston Cement Co.

Houston Cement Co.

Small details can cause big problems.

Houston Cement Company, located in Pasadena, Texas is a leading manufacturer of cement and aggregates for the Oil and Gas Industry. One of their facilities was experiencing backflow problems with their plumbing system causing drainage issues and foul odors throughout the facility. The CSNA technician arrived on-site and upon evaluation observed the existing lift station and piping were full and completely backed up. Upon further inspection, he noted that the pump was not properly mounted and that there was no check valve installed to prevent backflow.

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CSNA Solution

Understanding the overall maintenance needs of the customer, our team developed a unique solution that met their needs and was cost effective. With the goal of not causing any further disruptions in their operations our team:

  • Identified the direction of the sewer line from the lift station
  • Mapped the sewer line to identify any structural damage to the pipes
  • Rerouted the piping to tap into the facilities main line
  • Cleaned the pump pit
  • Installed a check valve to prevent further backflow issues
  • Refurbished and reinstalled the existing lift pump

The Results

  • Prevented further downtime with the installation of a check valve.
  • Improved overall efficiency of the plumbing system by connecting to the main sewer line.
  • Provided preventative maintenance discussion points by mapping the sewer pipes.
  • Maximized their maintenance budget by refurbishing the existing pump.

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