Endeavor Condominiums: Compressor Problems 30 Stories High

Endeavor Condominiums: Compressor Problems 30 Stories High

For managed properties uncomfortable conditions in tenant common areas are unacceptable. CSNA received a call that the HVAC system for the hallways and lobby areas for this 30 story high-rise was out of service. Recognizing the need we dispatched a technician to the location that same day.

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CSNA Solution

After inspecting and testing the RTU, our technician observed that two of the four compressors were shutting down from overheating. Furthermore freon was not flowing through the unit correctly creating an additional heat source. Based on these observations our solution included:

  • Replacing the filter dryer to allow for freon to flow correctly.
  • Replacing the condenser fan motor which would eliminate the heat buildup in the two compressors that were shutting down.

The Results

  • Prevented further downtime by replacing the fan motor to distribute freon.
  • Improved overall efficiency of the system by replacing the filter dryer.
  • Provided preventative maintenance discussion points with an overview on the condition of the HVAC unit.
  • Maximized their maintenance budget with an initial diagnosis and full repair of the unit on the same day.

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