Emergency Electrical Services

Emergency Electrical Services

A retail customer called with an emergency electrical issue that was causing their facility to lose power intermittently. Upon calling the power company they were told that the issue was with wiring running from outside of the circuit break box into the building electrical box. The power company instructed them to call an electrician to resolve the problem.

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CSNA Solution

Understanding the urgency of the situation and the overall maintenance needs of the customer, our team developed a unique solution that met theirneeds and was cost effective. With the goal of not causing any furtherdisruptions in their operations our team:

  • Arrived on-site and located the distribution box for inspection
  • Checked for any shorts on the rtu breaker and wires.
  • Checked the controls and noticed one of the contractors was pitted
  • Replaced 2 pole contractors.
  • Replaced a shorted RTU terminal
  • Tested the compressor to ground
  • Restored power to the facility

The Results

  • Restored power to the facility allowing it to return to normal operations
  • Prevented further system failure and costs by replacing contractors
  • Reduced their maintenance budget by removing the old system components
  • Served as a single source solution by self-performing all services

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