Complete HVAC System Replacement and Installation

Complete HVAC System Replacement and Installation

One of our restaurant clients, Buffalo Wild Wings, had a location that was routinely experiencing problems with their HVAC system. The problems included inconsistent temperature controls, poor airflow, and several minor problems that were consistently causing the system to be out of operation and causing mounting maintenance costs.

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CSNA Solution

After doing a complete inspection of their four roof top units, our technician determined that due to age and wear and tear that all four units needed to be replaced. Due to the structure of the building the replacement process would need to include some general construction duties as well. Specifically, our solution included:

  • Removal of a temporary wall, and drop ceiling, in order to cut through to the access units
  • Recovery of all the refrigerant from all the units, and vacuuming out of the lines
  • Cutting out of an access space for all the units,
  • Replacement of all condenser units
  • Removal of air handlers
  • Hook up of all line sets and charging up of the units
  • Coordination of permits and requirements with the city and landlord
  • All work to be performed at night over a three day period so as not to interfere with the restaurant operations

The Results

  • Installed a completely new HVAC system for the restaurant reducing their overall maintenance needs
  • By performing work after hours, allowed for the restaurant to maintain normal operations
  • Provided a detailed preventative maintenance plan to improve the life-span of the system
  • Served as a single source solution by providing General Contractor, HVAC and Electrical services
  • Maximized the customer’s maintenance budget by serving as a single source solution

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