Commercial Light Pole Installation

Commercial Light Pole Installation

A retail customer called requesting to have a light pole removed and replaced with a new one. The location also reported that their other parking lot lights were not functioning properly.

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CSNA Solution

Understanding the urgency of the situation and the overall maintenance needs of the customer, our team developed a unique solution that met their needs and was cost effective. With the goal of not causing any further disruptions in their operations our team:

  • Arrived on-site and obtained dimensions for the existing light pole
  • Removed existing light pole from location
  • Transported and installed new light pole and lights
  • Installed new lead lights
  • Troubleshooted light post electrical system
  • Identified and resolved electrical system short causing light failure

The Results

  • Maximized project costs by self-performing all aspects of the project
  • Restored power to the parking lot allowing it to return to normal operations
  • Prevented further system failure and costs by resoling electrical issues
  • Reduced their maintenance budget by removing the old system components

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